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Overview of Projects




Alive and Kicking


Alive & Kicking Kenya

"Balls to make a difference" is the mission statement of the exemplary Kenyan social enterprise Alive & Kicking. By manufacturing sports balls Alive & Kicking can provide schools and children with balls to play with, create jobs with equitable wages and promote health education, particularly HIV prevention, through sport. Alive & Kicking's workshops in Kenya and Zambia are run as not-for-profit businesses and sustain themselves through sales revenue.
Find out more about Alive and Kicking! To support the organization  click here or contact Alive and Kicking directly info@aliveandkicking.org



Wajibu Wetu-Project


Maisha Mazuri Childrens Centre

The ingauguration of the "Maisha Mazuri Children Centre" was celebrated in November 2015. Within just one year, Jimmy Kilonzi was able to build three impressive buildings all equipped with sanitation facilities. The centre is now home to more than 30 boys and girls.

In a second step, the centre will be upgraded to a school. Furthermore, an own bakery, a butchery and a brickyard will be helping the centre to stand one its own feet. Capacity building is of most importance. Local farmers will get training and 200 children will be receiving vocational education in the near future. This approach aims for changing the way of development cooperation from being dependent on foreign donations to own viable agriculture and businesses.

However, as of now, the „Maisha Mazuri Children Centre" still relies on external support.
"Wajibu wetu - Hand in Hand für Kenia e. V." a German trust founded in 2005 is recruiting members and collecting donations, which will directly go to the project. To support this project you can click here or get in touch with Barbara Hansen directly.






DADREG - Dandora Dumpsite Rehabilitation Group

DADREG is a social-driven football initiative run by the Dandora Dumpsite Rehabilitation Group in Nairobi (www.dadreg.org) aiming at improving the lives of the children and youth who make their living on the dumping site by collecting and selling recyclable waste. Unfortunately the burning waste and toxic smoke implicate major health problems such as asthma, anemia, burns and skin's infections, which puts their lives at risk.


The project DADREG, which was founded in 2006, is looking for 40 kids who live on the dumping site, showing them alternatives and improving their self-confidence.
With Auma Obama being the care representative, balls from Alive & Kicking and the support of small of large donations, this extraordinary initiative will hopefully continue to exist. If you want to support the work of DADREG, please have a look at betterplace.com.
Contact: Rosemary Aluoch, rosemary.aluoch@dadreg.org






Ineza Cooperative

Ineza is a women's sewing cooperative located in Rwanda's capital Kigali. The cooperative employs 25 Rwandan women - many of them are genocide rape survivors - and is trying to help them to manage the devastating effects of catastrophic sexual violence and HIV/AIDS.
Ineza generates income for these women while providing them with a community of mutual support and opportunities for continuing education. In their sewing room the women produce hand-made dolls, bags and other accessories. The support of their work bears a great meaning for these women.

If you would like to support Ineza with a donation or by ordering self-made dolls please contact Jean Bosco Ndayambaje, who will be happy to tell you more about the initiative. Please find out more about Ineza.






AL-Murabitat - School for hearing impaired children in the West Bank

Al-Murabitat is a Non Government Organization in Qalqiliya, which is located in the Northern area of the West Bank in Palestine. To help children in particular girls, who suffer from hearing impairment to find their place in society, the organization opened a school as well as a vocational training center. This enables students who are not able to enroll in the formal educational system to get the education they deserve.
If you would like to support Al-Murabitat or find out more please click here.



Hoops4Hope / Girls in School Initiative

During my mission to Harare in September 2015, I was invited to visit a field project run by Hoops4Hope, a local NGO committed to providing children in challenged environments with development opportunities through basketball. I got introduced to these young girls - talented, studious, showing great results at school and on the basketball court, and troue role models for their peers. These girls represent Zimbabwe's emerging potential, and in future, if educated and equipped with the right skills, can become agents of change in their communities, tranforming them for better. Unfortunately, most of them come from low-wage families, some are orphans, and their hopes for a good education hit a major obstacle of financial need. Girls in School is an initiative that offers young Zimbabwean girls the chance to pursue their education and develop their talent for basketball. As the Special Adviser of the UN Secretary General, I work for women empowerment and provision of quality education among the priorities of the newly adopted Post-2015 Development Agenda, I would like to give exposure to these potential female leaders and invest, through them, into Zimbabwe as a nation.


I you would like to know more about the "Girls in School Initiative" please use the contact form of this website.


KiKu - Kinderhaus Kumasi e.V.

KiKu - Kinderhaus Kumasi e.V. is a society founded in 2011 by former students of the Hochschule Bremen which recently opened a children's home in Kumasi/Ghana. With this project, KiKu aims to provide the children with better future prospects by individual care as well as access to education and health care. The society is registered as an NGO in Germany and Ghana. KiKu's concept is based in close cooperation with the local authorities and community, which is why the team on location is entirely made up of Ghanaian employees and helpers. All necessary acquisitions are procured locally for supporting the economic structures in Kumasi.

By organizing charity runs and football tournaments in Germany, the society makes use of the great potential of sports in order to meet the children's home's financial demands.


Read more about KiKu on their homepage www.kiku-ev.de/en or contact them directly at contact@kiku-ev.de. If you are willing to directly support the children's home, please have a look  here or at betterplace.com.





HONECRIC - Hoima Network of Child Rights Clubs

HONECRIC is local CBO that coordinates all activities of Child Rights Clubs in Hoima.It works with primary schools and communities to enhance the participation of children more especially those with disabilities.HONECRIC partners with Right To Play-Uganda and Uganda Society for Disabled Children-USDC.


The organization is funded by the ITTF Dream Building Programme in order to promote table tennis in five primary schools in Hoima District. Heavily involved in the coaching is Llloyd Birungi who attended the first UNOSDP Youth Leadership Camp staged in Doha in  January 2012. Thanks to UNOSDP and ITTF tables, rackets and balld were given to HONECRIC. Regular competitions are taking place.


To find out more about HONECRIC please click here


FFAV - Football for All Vietnam

Initiated in 1997 after a meeting between the presidents of the Vietnamese and Norwegian Football Associations, the aim of FFAV is to develop a sustainable football structure in Vietnam by establishing grassroots football clubs. The activities are open to everyone. Children have an increased role.


FFAV is doing projects that helps destigmatize societal groups. In Hai-Phong, for example, FFAV set up a project together with mothers whose children are infected with / affected by HIV/Aids. Previously these children have been mostly separated from other children. Great results have been achieved thanks to this project. It helped building new friendships between and crossing borders. Mothers have been elected as coaches and referees which creates a secure and fun environment.


If you want to find out more about FFAV please click here.

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