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07/10/2016 Statement by the Special Adviser Wilfried Lemke on the ongoing dispute between the IFA, PFA and FIFA
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
11/08/2016 Wilfried Lemke receives Pathfinder Award
ReleaseRio de Janeiro
02/05/2016 Wilfried Lemke joins the Macau Special Olympics Golf Masters
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
03/05/2016 Young leaders address the United Nations at the event “Celebrating the Olympic Spirit”
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
26/04/2016 Wilfried Lemke inaugurates “Table Tennis for NepALL” project
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
17/02/2016 UN Special Adviser Wilfried Lemke receives DFB and Mercedes-Benz Integration Award
21/01/2016 International Organisations and Sport Federations Are Called to Forge Links at Geneva Forum
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
01/02/2016 UN Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace speaks at the FINA World Aquatics Gala
ReleaseBudapest, Hungary
09/01/2016 Wilfried Lemke Receives Extension as UN Special Adviser on Sport
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
26/11/2015 Special Adviser Joins Peace Forum in Monaco, Addresses Migrant Crisis
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
16/11/2015 Special Adviser Visits Israel and Palestine
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
25/10/2015 Special Adviser Attends National Paralympic Day in Tehran
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
23/09/2015 Visit to Cape Town opens Special Adviser’s mission to Africa
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
27/07/2015 Sport as Globalization and Development Catalyst in Focus at Doha GOALS 2015
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
06/08/2015 UNOSDP Launches New Partnership to Nurture Future Sports Leaders
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
03/07/2015 Special Adviser Meets Young Reporters to Discuss Media’s Role in Development Thought Sport
ReleaseGwangju, Repulic of Korea
01/07/2015 Willi Lemke to attend the Gwangju Universiade
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
19/04/2015 Willi Lemke visits the dutch premiere of the movie "GOLD - You can do more than you think"
ReleaseRotterdam, The Netherlands
13/04/2015 15th Youth Leadership Camp Gets Off to a Good Start
ReleaseBerlin, Germany
17/04/2015 Growing support for youth development
ReleaseNew York, USA
06/04/2015 Celebrating the second International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
ReleaseNew York, USA
05/04/2015 Video Contest shows how sport is being used to make an impact in communities
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
19/02/2015 The Special Adviser Attends Youth Forums in South Korea
ReleaseGwangju, Repulic of Korea
09/02/2015 Good news from Ghana
ReleaseBremen, Germany
05/01/2015 Wilfried Lemke reappointed as UN Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
15/12/2014 The Special Adviser speaks at UN event on Children, Sport and Development
ReleaseNew York, USA
04/12/2014 The Special Adviser attends FINA World Aquatics Convention in Doha
ReleaseDoha, Qatar
03/12/2014 The Special Adviser Receives Honorary Award
ReleaseCologne, Germany
03/11/2014 Advocating for Including Sport in Policy Agenda at Doha GOALS Forum
ReleaseDoha, Qatar
11/11/2014 Sport and the UN – The Special Adviser Visits Cape Town
ReleaseCape Town, South Africa
31/10/2014 The United Nations General Assembly Adopts Resolution on Sport for Development and Peace
ReleaseNew York, USA
24/10/2014 The Special Adviser Goes to São Paulo to Speak at the “Goals For Life” Forum
ReleaseSão Paulo, Brazil
17/10/2014 Special Adviser attends the 2014 Inclusive Sport and Society Forum
ReleaseIncheon, Republic of Korea
10/10/2014 The Special Adviser Visits the 20th EFPM Anniversary Ceremony in Riga
ReleaseRiga, Latvia
02/10/2014 Special Adviser Visits Krakow to Advocate the Importance of Physical Education
ReleaseKrakow, Poland
26/09/2014 FIFA Pledges USD 450,000 to Help Fight Ebola - Call for Support of the Coordinated United Nations Response
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
17/09/2014 UN Special Adviser on Sport Travels to Incheon for the 2014 Asian Games
ReleaseIncheon, Republic of Korea
15/09/2014 FIFA and UN Team Up to Help Fight Ebola
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
28/08/2014 Youth Leaders Unite at EPICS Forum 2014 in Gwangju
ReleaseGwangju, Republic of Korea
20/08/2014 Youth Leadership Program in Gwangju, Republic of Korea
ReleaseGwangju, Republic of Korea
07/08/2014 The 11th UNOSDP Youth Leadership Programme is Underway in Stockholm
ReleaseStockholm, Sweden
24/07/2014 Respect, Excellence, and Friendship – UN Special Adviser Attends Imagine Peace Youth Camp
ReleaseAncient Olympia, Greece
17/07/2014 Sport for Hope Centre opens in Haiti
ReleasePort-au-Prince, Haiti
15/07/2014 UN Special Adviser visits sport project in Rio
ReleaseRio de Janeiro, Brazil
14/07/2014 Football for Hope: Lemke travels to Brazil
ReleaseRio de Janeiro, Brazil
03/07/2014 Sport for Development and Peace International Working Group addressing gender-based violence
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
16/06/2014 IWG World Conference on Women and Sport
ReleaseHelsinki, Finnland
10/06/2014 Youth Leadership Program in Florida
ReleaseFlorida, USA
04/05/2014 Wilfried Lemke travels to Israel and Palestine
ReleaseIsrael, Palestinian Territories
11/03/2014 UN Special Adviser praises Olympic and Paralympic movement during a difficult period
ReleaseSochi, Russia
28/04/2014 UN, Olympic Committee sign formal agreement on role of sport in development, peace
ReleaseNew York, USA
18/04/2014 Wilfried Lemke conducts mission to Turkmenistan
11/04/2014 UN Special Adviser Wilfried Lemke receives reappointment from Ban Ki-moon
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
22/03/2014 Participants arrive in Berlin for 9th UNOSDP Youth Leadership Programme
ReleaseGermany, Berlin
07/02/2014 On eve of Sochi Olympic Games, Ban praises power of sport to unite all people
ReleaseSochi, Russia
25/01/2014 World Sports Forum in Munich
ReleaseMunich, Germany
20/01/2014 Youth Leadership Camp starts third year in Tokyo
ReleaseTokyo, Japan
10/12/2013 UN Special Adviser confident about Vietnam’s progress in using Sport for Development and Peace
11/12/2013 Doha GOALS
ReleaseDoha, Qatar
09/12/2013 UN Special Adviser in New Zealand and New Caledonia to highlight the importance of sport in their communities
ReleaseNew Zealand, New Caledonia
04/12/2013 Fiji, New Zealand and Australia welcome UN Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace
ReleaseFiji, New Zealand and Australia
26/11/2013 Lemke advocates the power of sport in Singapore
06/11/2013 Peace and Sport Forum 2013
05/11/2013 UN Special Adviser attends GOLD Movie Screening and promotes new venture
ReleaseNew York, USA
20/10/2013 World drowning conference in Potsdam
ReleasePotsdam, Germany
16/10/2013 Sport and society must work together to fight racism: UN's Special Adviser on Sport
13/09/2013 Wilfried Lemke visits Fight for Peace in Rio de Janeiro
ReleaseRio de Janerio, Brazil
10/09/2013 UNOSDP Releases Annual Report 2012 entitled "The Year of the Youth Leadership Programme"
ReleaseGeneva / New York
26/08/2013 United Nations Sports Programme gets Underway in Gwangju
ReleaseGwangju, Republic of Korea
17/07/2013 UN Special Adviser visits the Iranian National Paralympic Committee
ReleaseTehran, Iran
09/07/2013 Wilfried Lemke visits Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)
ReleaseDemocratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)
25/06/2013 Youth Leadership Program lands in Sweden
ReleaseStockholm, Sweden
30/06/2013 Belo Horizonte hosts Football for Hope Forum 2013
ReleaseBelo Horizonte, Brazil
08/06/2013 United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace partner with SAMSUNG
ReleaseNew York, USA
07/06/2013 3rd International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development
ReleaseNew York, USA
01/06/2013 World Sport Ministers Conference (MINEPS V)
ReleaseBerlin, Germany
18/05/2013 The 5th UNOSDP Youth Leadership Program set to improve young leaders’ skills in promoting social change through sport
ReleaseMacolin, Switzerland
02/05/2013 Wilfried Lemke reappointed as UN Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace
27/04/2013 Special Adviser on Sport visits Peru on "Sport for All" themed misson
ReleaseLima, Peru
02/04/2013 Lemke attends CISM Winter World Military Games in Annecy, France
ReleaseAnnecy, France
28/03/2013 Olympic Truce Legacy Forum in London
ReleaseLondon, England
18/03/2013 High-level meeting in Qatar: Sport Protection in the Middle-East and North Africa
ReleaseDoha, Qatar
05/03/2013 Panel discussion at the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona
ReleaseBarcelona, Spain
01/03/2013 Wilfried Lemke - confirmed speaker at Securing Sport 2013
ReleaseDoha, Qatar
27/02/2013 Wilfried Lemke supports "GOLD - you can do more than you think"
ReleaseHamburg, Germany
13/02/2013 Wilfried Lemke travels to South Africa to visit African Cup
ReleaseSouth Africa
31/01/2013 Special Winter Olympics 2013 in Pyeong Chang, Republic of Korea
ReleasePyeong Chang, Repulic of Korea
14/01/2013 4th UNOSDP Youth Leadership Camp underway at Aspire
ReleaseDoha, Qatar
13/01/2013 Prince Ali and Wilfried Lemke visit Syrian refugee camp in Za'atari
13/12/2012 UNOSDP partners with Korean Air
ReleaseSeoul, South Korea
28/11/2012 UN reaffirms Sport as a means to promote Social Change
ReleaseNew York, USA
12/11/2012 Wilfried Lemke meets Joachim Gauck
ReleaseBerlin, Germany
09/11/2012 Wilfried Lemke undertakes mission to Kuba
ReleaseRepublic of Cuba
01/11/2012 Wilfried Lemke travels to Russia
ReleaseMoscow / Sochi, Russia
08/10/2012 Wilfried Lemke visits Abu Dhabi
ReleaseAbu Dhabi
08/10/2012 Homeless World Cup in Mexico City
ReleaseMexico City
24/09/2012 Wilfried Lemke visits FIVB World Congress
ReleaseAnaheim, USA
20/09/2012 'UNOSDP Youth Leadership Camp' in Macolin
ReleaseMacolin, Swizerland
11/09/2012 The London Games may be over but their legacy will continue to effect positive change
ReleaseLondon, UK
29/08/2012 Wilfried Lemke visits 2012 London Paralympic Games
ReleaseLondon, UK
13/08/2012 UN ignites the flame of social change through the London 2012 Olympics
ReleaseLondon, UK
24/07/2012 Ban Ki-moon and Wilfried Lemke visit Olympic Games in London
ReleaseLondon, UK
11/07/2012 Willi Lemke signs agreement with 2015 Gwangju Universiade organizers
ReleaseSeoul, South Korea
01/07/2012 2nd UNOSDP Youth Leadership Camp successfully concludes in Germany
ReleaseHennef, Germany
02/07/2012 UNOSDP's Annual Report 2011 is available!
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
22/06/2012 First intensive week concludes at 'UNOSDP Youth Leadership Camp' in Hennef, Germany
ReleaseHennef, Germany
13/06/2012 Willi Lemke continues quest to strengthen Sport for Social Change
ReleaseKuwait, Poland and Switzerland
13/06/2012 Meeting with Sport Comission of the German Bundestag
ReleaseBerlin, Germany
01/06/2012 Wilfried Lemke holding a speech at Stadthalle Braunschweig
28/05/2012 UN Special Adviser on Sport Concludes Visit to Kenya and Angola
ReleaseKenya, Angola
18/05/2012 German national Special Olymics Munich 2012
ReleaseMunich, Germany
16/04/2012 Wilfried Lemke attends Second Olympic Sport convention in Moscow, Russia
ReleaseMoscow, Russia
04/04/2012 United Nations Special Adviser on Sport Re-appointed for a Fifth Year
ReleaseGeneva, Switzerland
15/03/2012 Wilfried Lemke attends Sport Minister Conference
ReleaseBelgrad, Serbia
01/03/2012 UN Special Adviser on Sport Supports Initiative to Allow Safe Headscarf in Football
ReleaseSurrey, England
23/02/2012 UN Secretary-General Ban, IOC President Rogge and Wilfried Lemke to visit grassroots sports projects in Zambia
18/02/2012 5th World Conference on Women and Sport hosted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
ReleaseLos Angeles, USA
18/02/2012 Wilfried Lemke travels to New York to meet Secretary-General
ReleaseNew York, USA
24/01/2012 UN Special Adviser Praises Winter Youth Olympic Games and Attends Christmas Truce Celebration in Flanders and Brussels
ReleaseInnsbruck, Austria / Brussels, Belgium
20/01/2012 Successful UN Youth Camp Concludes in Doha: ‘Only the beginning’ Stresses UN Special Adviser on Sport
ReleaseDoha, Qatar
23/01/2012 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck
ReleaseInnsbruck, Austria
09/01/2012 United Nations 'Sport Youth Camp' kicks off in Doha
Release Doha, Qatar
13/12/2011 The UN-Special Adviser on Sports for Development and Peace, Willi Lemke, at the UNDP 2011 “Match Against Poverty”
ReleaseGermany, Hamburg
08/12/2011 Radio Bremen - Interview with Wilfried Lemke
23/11/2011 Special Adviser Wilfried Lemke Attends ITTF's 2011 Qatar ‘Peace and Sport’ Cup in Doha
ReleaseDoha, Qatar
05/12/2011 UN-Supported Youth Centre in Burundi Welcomes Special Adviser on Sport
18/11/2011 United Nations and International Volleyball Federation join forces to drive social change
ReleaseTokyo, Japan
10/11/2011 22nd TAFISA World Congress
ReleaseAntalya, Turkey
08/11/2011 UN Special Adviser Wilfried Lemke Awarded Berlin Peace Clock for Contribution to Human Development and Peace through Sport
ReleaseBerlin, Germany
18/10/2011 Wilfried Lemke travels to New York to meet UN Secretary-Gerneral and attend UN General Assembly
ReleaseNew York, USA
13/10/2011 "Ein Bolzplatz fuer Bouake: Upcoming book presentation in Minden"
Book readingMinden, Germany
01/03/2010 Ein Bolzplatz für Bouake
05/10/2011 7th Play the Game World Communication Conference
ReleaseCologne, Germany
24/09/2011 14th World Conference on Sport for All
ReleaseBeijing, China
27/09/2011 Interview with "Around the Rings"
19/09/2011 Special Adviser on Sport engages in Israel and the Palestinian territories
ReleaseIsrael / Palestinian territories
05/09/2011 Book presentation: Ein Bolzplatz für Bouake
ReleaseBremen, Germany
31/08/2011 VISTA conference
ReleaseBonn, Germany
28/08/2011 Homeless Worldcup 2011
ReleaseParis, France
23/08/2011 Summer Universiade 2011 in Shenzhen
ReleaseShenzhen, China
03/08/2011 International Forum "Together We are Stronger"
ReleaseBad Ragaz, Switzerland
19/07/2011 Wilfried Lemke travels to South America
ReleaseRio de Janeiro
17/07/2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011™
04/07/2011 AWO International charity evening with Wilfried Lemke and Sigmar Gabriel
08/07/2011 Wilfried Lemke receives Berliner Friedensuhr 2011
28/06/2011 Wildried Lemke attends Special Olympics World Summer Games 2011 in Greece
29/05/2011 UN Special Adviser on Sport strenghtens cooperation with Russian authorities
11/05/2011 Forum on Sport for Development and Peace Opens at UN Headquarters in Geneva
03/05/2011 Wilfried Lemke visits Qatar and Amman
01/05/2011 Wilfried Lemke attends press conference "GOLD"
25/04/2011 Wilfried Lemkes meets Ban Ki-Moon
ReleaseNew York, USA
09/04/2011 Wilfried Lemke receives AMW award
07/04/2011 “Keeping the Momentum Going”
05/04/2011 SportAccord Convention
02/04/2011 Dolls from Rwanda
ReleaseKigali, Rwanda
16/03/2011 Four Countries 4 Peace Tournament
09/03/2011 Bilateral meetings with Niebel and Maurer
ReleaseBerlin, Bern
28/02/2011 Opening of the Special Olympics National Games in Altenberg
11/02/2011 Wilfried Lemke attends Landmark Game During Mission to Israel and the Palestinian Territories
ReleaseIsrael/Palestine Terretories
01/02/2011 Wilfried Lemke visits the AFC Asian Cup 2011 in Qatar
25/01/2011 Wilfried Lemke meets Ban Ki-moon and Jacques Rogge
24/01/2011 Wilfried Lemke speaks at Sportsforum in Remagen
10/01/2011 FIFA Ballon d'Or 2010
22/12/2010 The year 2010 in review
16/12/2010 Photography Exhibition: Homeless Worldcup in Rio de Janeiro
18/12/2010 East Africa University Games in Nairobi, Kenya
03/12/2010 Wilfried Lemke participates in Peace and Sport International Forum in Monaco
22/11/2010 Symposium on "Sport and Disabilities"
16/11/2010 Wilfried Lemke speaks at the University of Bielefeld
15/11/2010 Bobby Media Award of Lebenshilfe to Wilfried Lemke
05/11/2010 Wilfried Lemke takes part in Sports Minister Conference
26/10/2010 Book presentation in Reutlingen
22/10/2010 Deutsche Welle: Interview with Wilfried Lemke
22/10/2010 UN-Talk in Bonn on the occasion of the United Nations Day 2010
18/10/2010 UN General Assembly passed resolution on sport
ReleaseNew York
14/10/2010 Dr. Auma Obama's book presentation: Wilfried Lemke holds laudatory speech
05/10/2010 Generations For Peace Camp in Sochi, Russia
29/09/2010 FINA World Aquatics Convention in Punta del Este, Uruguay
26/09/2010 Wilfried Lemke attends Homeless Worldcup in Rio de Janeiro
ReleaseRio de Janeiro
20/09/2010 MDG Review Summit, New York: Sport and Development Round Table
ReleaseNew York, USA
02/09/2010 Wilfried Lemke elected as Honorary Professor at the University of the Western Cape
Cape Town, South Africa
26/08/2010 UN Office on Sport and Development recognised with UEFA Award
18/08/2010 Inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore
07/08/2010 International Year of Reconciliation
20/07/2010 Wilfried Lemke visits football match in Rabat, Morocco
20/07/2010 "Swim across the Continents"-Press Conference in Rabat, Morocco
10/07/2010 Football for Hope Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa
07/07/2010 Sueddeutsche Zeitung: Interview with Wilfried Lemke
05/07/2010 Deutschlandradio Kultur: Interview with Wilfried Lemke
06/07/2010 Planet Interview with Wilfried Lemke
22/06/2010 50th International Session of the International Olympic Academy
23/06/2010 Wilfried Lemke takes part in 4th Bremen Peace Run
13/06/2010 Wilfried Lemke visits PASCH Youth Camp in Johannesburg
31/05/2010 Federal President resigns. Wilfried Lemke guest at Radio Bremen talk show
11/06/2010 "Sport has changed my life". Panel discussion on Youth Development through Sport
ReleaseSouth Africa
14/06/2010 Much more than victory and defeat: UN system prepares for the kick-off of the 2010 FIFA World Cup
ReleaseSouth Africa
14/06/2010 Special Olympics National Games in Bremen
10/06/2010 Wilfried Lemke visits terre des hommes-project in South Africa
ReleaseSouth Africa
11/06/2010 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa: Ban Ki-moon and Wilfried Lemke attend opening ceremony
ReleaseSouth Africa
06/06/2010 Radio Talk with Wilfried Lemke
03/06/2010 Ein Bolzplatz fuer Bouake: Book presentation in Wolfsburg
02/06/2010 "Wolfenbuettler Talk": Sport as a tool for development and peace?
21/05/2010 UN-IOC Forum in Lausanne, Switzerland
15/05/2010 Wilfried Lemke guest at conference "Football and Economy"
12/05/2010 Bucerius Law School: Wilfried Lemke speaks about sport and development
06/05/2010 Africa-Festival in Osnabrueck: Wilfried Lemke attends peace-talk
05/05/2010 Governments commit to child and youth development through sport
04/05/2010 EPAS Governing Board Meeting in Strasbourg, France
30/04/2010 SportAccord International Convention
07/04/2010 Wilfried Lemke meets Minister of the Interior de Maziere
06/04/2010 Round Table Discussion on Sport for Development and Peace
18/03/2010 Opening event of the African School Cup
17/03/2010 Ein Bolzplatz fuer Bouake: Book presentation in Bremen
Release Bremen
14/03/2010 2010 Paralympic Games in Vancouver
04/03/2010 "Sport for Development": Luis de Carlos Forum in Madrid
28/02/2010 Wilfried Lemke giving an interview in the taz
26/02/2010 Global Sport's Fund International Youth Camp in Doha, Qatar
12/02/2010 Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games
09/02/2010 Wilfried Lemke meets with Ban Ki-moon
ReleaseNew York
26/01/2010 Bilateral Meetings in Geneva
25/01/2010 Match against Poverty in Lisbon
20/01/2010 Wilfried Lemke hands over Juala to Olympic Museum Lausanne
11/01/2010 Wilfried Lemke condemns attack against Togolese football team
09/01/2010 Wilfried Lemke giving an interview at Deutsche Welle TV
01/01/2010 Deutschlandfunk broadcast on Wilfried Lemke
12/12/2009 International Paralympic Day in Moscow
07/12/2009 "Sport is not about winning or losing!" Wilfried Lemke travels to Kenya and South Africa
26/11/2009 Wilfried Lemke attends Peace and Sport International Forum in Monaco
23/11/2009 Wilfried Lemke attends Summit on the Global Agenda in Dubai
12/11/2009 Wilfried Lemke giving an interview in the Tagesspiegel
11/11/2009 Wilfried Lemke on sport in Brussels
29/10/2009 Wilfried Lemke supports the fight against doping
19/10/2009 Olympic Truce Resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly
ReleaseNew York
22/10/2009 Wilfried Lemke giving an interview in the magazine Cicero
13/10/2009 "Africa's Chance through Sport": African Union Sports Minister Conference in Abuja, Nigeria
04/10/2009 Wilfried Lemke and Tegla Loroupe take part in 5th swb-marathon in Bremen
Release Bremen
03/10/2009 UN-Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Wilfried Lemke attend 13th Olympic Congress in Copenhagen
27/09/2009 Wilfried Lemke takes part in cancer solidarity run
13/09/2009 Willi Lemke takes part in marathon in Otterndorf
03/09/2009 "Development through Football": Forum in Eschborn
04/09/2009 Spirit in Motion: 20th Anniversary of the International Paralympic Committee
05/09/2009 20th Anniversary of German Multiple Sclerosis Society Bremen
02/09/2009 "Blood Brothers"-reading in the Uebersee-museum in Bremen
20/08/2009 Wilfried Lemke attends IAFF World Championships in Athletics
21/08/2009 Forum on Politics and Security in Langenthal, Switzerland
31/07/2009 Peacebuilding soccer match in Israel and Palestine
30/07/2009 Football for the Community Forum in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland
ReleaseBad Ragaz
16/07/2009 Wilfried Lemke guest at tv show Das!
09/07/2009 Beyond Sport Summit in London
07/07/2009 Wilfried Lemke participates in ANOCA Assembly in Nigeria
23/06/2009 FIFA Football for Hope Forum in Vaal, South Africa
18/06/2009 "Productive Youth Development through Sport in Africa"-Forum in Nairobi
01/06/2009 Wilfried Lemke supports sport programmes in the Middle East
30/05/2009 Youth European Soccercup: Wilfried Lemke as Guest of Honor
22/05/2009 Wilfried Lemke takes part in 32nd German Protestant Kirchentag
13/05/2009 Washington D.C.: Wilfried Lemke holds Debriefing on Sport for Development and Peace
ReleaseWashington D.C.
08/05/2009 International Forum on Sport, Peace and Development in Lausanne
06/05/2009 "Goal For Peace": UNRWA Football Tournament in Brussels
04/05/2009 Wilfried Lemke speaks at the Committee on Sports of the SPD at the German Bundestag
20/04/2009 Wilfried Lemke met with UNV
21/04/2009 "Love-hate with style and tradition": Wilfried Lemke and Dietmar Beiersdorfer speak with the Hamburger Abendblatt
07/04/2009 Sport for Development: Wilfried Lemke speaks at United Nations Association of Germany
05/04/2009 Wilfried Lemke takes part in half marathon
06/04/2009 Honoring Police Athletes: German Police Curatorship organizes event in Bremen
25/03/2009 "2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa: Scoring for Development?" - Wilfried Lemke takes part in Round Table Discussion
21/03/2009 Wilfried Lemke supports International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
12/03/2009 Panel Meeting on Sport for Development and Peace
ReleaseNew York
20/03/2009 Wilfried Lemke meets UN-Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
ReleaseNew York
18/03/2009 "I am crossing worlds." Wilfried Lemke giving an interview in the Maerkische Allgemeine
16/03/2009 Another year as Special Adviser: Wilfried Lemke signs contract extension
ReleaseNew York
06/03/2009 Wilfried Lemke as keynote speaker at 10. Logistics Forum Duisburg
03/03/2009 "A new world has opened up to me." Wilfried Lemke giving an interview in the kontinente magazine
04/03/2009 "Kilimanjaro Initiative" Climb
04/03/2009 Unite Against Racism: Wilfried Lemke at the Anti-Racism-Conference in Warsaw
02/03/2009 Wilfried Lemke visits the "Generations For Peace" Training Camp in Abu Dhabi
ReleaseAbu Dhabi
26/02/2009 Wilfried Lemke at the Global Sports Forum in Barcelona
12/02/2009 Wilfried Lemke visits the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Boise, Idaho
06/02/2009 Wilfried Lemke visits the Global Sport Fund International Youth Camp in Cairo
30/01/2009 Prince Feisal of Jordan invites Wilfried Lemke
01/02/2009 Wilfried Lemke giving an interview in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung
22/01/2009 Wilfried Lemke confirmed in his position as chairman of the supervisory board of Werder Bremen
20/01/2009 Wilfried Lemke at the VfL Oldenburg new year`s reception
23/01/2009 FIFA World Player Gala 2008
11/01/2009 Video on the Beluga School for Life
05/01/2009 Wilfried Lemke at buten un binnen
11/12/2008 UN renews resolution on sport for development and peace
Release Germany
30/10/2008 On the joy of running
19/09/2008 Global Politics talk at the UNA-Germany
Release Germany
07/12/2008 Peace and Sport Conference in Monaco
24/11/2008 Opening of the creative centre in the Ludgerusschule
17/11/2008 Visiting the Beluga School for Life
10/11/2008 The inaugural summit of World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Councils
03/11/2008 Visiting Côte d’Ivoire and Cameroon
04/11/2008 Wilfried Lemke at the Sport for All Congress in Malaysia
20/10/2008 Benefit-Concert for tsunami victims
07/09/2008 Wilfried Lemke reads Bushido’s biography
30/09/2008 Wilfried Lemke introduces historic, sport book
02/10/2008 Wilfried Lemke resigns his seat in the City Council of Bremen
19/09/2008 Wilfried Lemke advocates Youth Camp 2008
Press releaseGermany
16/09/2008 Wilfried Lemke strives for an international AchterCup in 2009
Press releaseBremen
18/09/2008 Wilfried Lemke speaks on his position as UN Special Adviser on Sports for Development and Peace and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Soccer Club SV Werder Bremen
Press releaseGermany

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